David Cowden

"I was born in Belfast in 1970. At the age of two, my family moved to England, as many Irish did at that time, and settled in Birmingham. My art has been an undercurrent in my life. I was nurtured by the teachers at my vocational school where I received a rather interesting education due to my dyslexia, but, what is taken with one hand (literacy) is given with another (artistic ability). My teachers knew I had a precocious gift and happily commissioned work from me at the ripe age of twelve.

I favour black and white with a touch of colour with strong lines and visible brush strokes mainly Cityscapes and people I love the contrast between the hardness of buildings and the softness of people, how we try to adapt ourselves to the city life. I also love people at play, by the sea,  snowball fights, children splashing about the little fun things that remind us that life can be great.

As a self-taught artist, I began creating art when I bought my first set of paint's in WH Smiths at the grand old age of 12, this little box of oils opened the world to me. I have since experimented with many mediums but always gravitate back to oil and pastel as they both have quality’s that work very well with my semi-abstract impressionistic style. I cannot really put a name to my style as its mine. I have not been influenced by academia’s version of art it is more than a style it’s me.