Pure Evil

Pure Evil, A Key British Artist Of The Booming Street Art Scene As an artist in the past 5 years PURE EVIL has exhibited worldwide in China, Russia, Mongolia, Brazil, USA, and all over Europe, and as an ‘Accidental Gallerist’ He has produced over 50 different exhibitions with emerging and established artists at the Gallery and Internationally. He produces a monthly radio show and regularly gives workshops and participates in lectures about street art. After 10 years in California, Pure Evil was influenced heavily by West Coast Graffiti artists like TWIST and REMINISCE he returned to London, picked up a spray can, and started painting weird fanged PURE EVIL bunny rabbits everywhere. He moved back to London, debuted his first PURE EVIL SOLO SHOW, and from the success of that, opened up his eponymous PURE EVIL GALLERY Pure Evil was chosen as one of the favorite Street Artists and appeared on the APPRENTICE as a chosen best selling artist on this years show His work sold out and has continued to go stellar ever since If you still don't GET IT, then rethink your art wardrobe and add Pure Evil To It .....NOW. Arthouse Gallery deals directly with Pure Evil. If you see it and want it then call us now.