Michiel Folkers

Michiel Folkers a.k.a. Gieler (1982) started experimenting with graffiti in the late nineties. Michiel Folkers is an exciting Dutch painter

who fell into art thanks to the popularity of graffiti in the neighbourhood and the time he grew up in. His experimental canvas compositions focus on 'anti-heroes' such as B-list celebrities, or veritable legends. Additionally inspired by promotional posters, his works combine icons, collages, chaotic touches and edgy energy to achieve a vibrant aesthetic.

Michiel works in his studio in the centre of Amsterdam. In 2017 he started to work more often in different cities across the world, to use foreign posters in his art. His plan for the near future is to visit as many countries as possible, to capture the different street vibes on canvas. Michiel likes to work with old street posters, he is also using other old materials, like damaged brushes, blunt Stanley knives or other older (sometimes) broken tools. “By working with older tools the results are also more surprising and the creations are more unique than creating everything by the rules….” In addition to using posters, Michiel still works with spray paint and stencilling. Screen printing is also a commonly used technique in his work. ‘Actually, I use every technique to make my canvas look like a city wall”