Kerry Darlington

Kerry Darlington is a Welsh-born artist living in the UK. Her work is increasingly in demand in both her commercial designs and figurative paintings inspired by the Pre-Raphelite Period. The Aesthetic Movement and Art Nouveau. Kerry's work has become increasingly sought after by collectors. Kerry has become one of the best-selling artists in the UK today, with commercial work being exhibited in many galleries nationwide. Kerry Darlington has a unique style and her paintings are formed on board or canvas first, creating various textures using acrylic and gesso. The color is then built with several transparent layers to create depth. Kerry has since diversified her portfolio of contemporary styles to include landscapes and figure work, all carrying her unique style. She recently took the decision to release her book Illustrations as Unique Edition prints - the ‘Midnight Garden’ sold out within a month and her ‘Mad Hatters Tea Party’ was so popular that it sold out rapidly before obtaining high values on the secondary market.