Kealey Farmer

I was born and raised in Derbyshire but moved further down South to live with my 'then' boyfriend (now husband!) I worked my way up through the ranks to become a successful marketer and project manager but always continued to paint in my spare time. My earlier work was based on strong abstract pieces, large scale with strong swirls of colour and energy - some using only acrylics, others experimenting with texture. In 2006/7 I started to look at 3D elements such as hand-cut glass and Swarovski crystals to give the surface a different appearance, I worked with a local glass artist Neil Witney who would cut the pieces to fit my painting - this led to the 'Fusion' collection. Following this I returned to some figurative pieces, taking me back to my A-Level studies. These had a much more feminine appeal and my work started to move in a different direction - this collection gave me 2 of my personal favorites, Living in the Light and While you were Sleeping, these incorporated 100's Swarovski Crystal Elements, flowers, and hearts.