JJ Adams

JJ is the rebellious son of a Baptist preacher he emigrated as a child from Plymouth and deciding that he was going to become a tattoo artist and open his own studio he came back to the UK in the mid-Nineties. After many years in Camuth to Cape Town South Africa. After many adventures along the den trying to make ends meet he then moved back to his old hood Plymouth and decided that he would become a Graphic Designer studying at Plymouth College. He then worked as a graphic designer in the South West but again decided to start again with his art and moved back to London. Adams's style is bold and there is not an icon that he doesn't seem to be able to INK... Princess Diana Kate Middleton Elizabeth Taylor Elvis And Marilyn Monroe to name a few. JJ Adams currently is living in London - Creating his own medium of art he has managed to collaborate, Acrylic, Photography, and Mixed Media into a style that is so unusual it will stop you in your tracks!