Debbie Boons Passion for Animal Portraiture

The beguiling animal portraiture of Debbie Boon is inspired by two passions; the sheer joy of bringing a blank canvas to life through painting, and the delight gained from observing and representing the striking (and sometimes quirky) rural characters and vast blue skies of Eastern England. From packs of hounds poised for action to majestic stags standing tall in their forest kingdom, her beautifully expressive images represent a moment of stillness or motion through a progression of lustrous colour, light, texture and movement. Her stated aim in her work is “to reflect life and all its visual personality.”As a former illustrator and portrait artist, the desire to capture the personality and create a narrative has had a natural progression into contemporary depictions of the animal kingdom and its many characters.”

 In her work, you’ll see horses, rabbits, dogs, captured with energy, nobility and respect. It’s easy to feel a sense of the personality of an animal when you see Debbie’s paintings. Her paintings use layers of colour and light to convey texture and movement. This gives an expression to her paintings that always stop you in your tracks. She likes to work with heavy acrylic paints and a variety of glazes. Debbie Boon has illustrated some well-loved children’s books and has worked as a graphic designer. Her original paintings are highly sought-after, gracing the walls of numerous boutique hotels and restaurants. 

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