Mark Davies Born To Lie -Pinocchio Framed Art Print

Mark Davies Born To Lie -Pinocchio Framed Art Print

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Limited Editions: 45 + 5 AP's + (X10 Deluxe)
Mounted Only: 31.5" x 23.5"    
Framed: 33.5" x 25.5"      

Supplied in a slick black frame with off white mount. Gorgeous

All artwork is delivered ready to hang on your wall with high quality fixings

All certificates and storyboards are on the back of the artwork  

The story's that are told by the artist himself in reference to his pieces go deep into explanation about each individual artwork. We will be accompanying all editions with full Colour A4 write ups on the reverse of the framed works to allow collectors the ability to read more into Marks thinking and explanation of the details he includes in his pieces​ 

Deluxe Mounted Only: 44" x 32"       RRP: £405.00

Deluxe Framed: 47" x 35"                   RRP: £495.00

Please call to order deluxe as there are only 10 available and they sell very quickly

Here is a detailed description of the piece by Mark Himself

No one likes a liar, no one. 

This is a boy who hasn’t been scarred by lifes’ experiences too young, his first reaction to his creator was to laugh wildly in his face, what kind of freak does that? Geppetto was a true craftsman, a master of his trade who poured everything into creating Pinocchio only for things to turn very, very bad. Described by his father as wretched boy, this little blaggard caused havoc and turmoil and was cast out, ring-fenced and and abandoned. Can a child really be born ‘bad’? Surely not, it must be through inherited traits that clash and conflict with bad experiences and influences that they are exposed to? But how does that explain the above? 

This piece focuses on a frustrated and silently seething Pinocchio, sat slumped isolated and abandoned. His nose elongated and showing signs that he is still lying, the wooden limbs burn with the anger that is building within his body and mind. He knows what he is is doing is wrong, he can see the destruction and the hurt that radiates outwards but he can’t seem to stop it, is it his fault? Does he choose to lie, no, not in this case, he was simply made this way. On first look you see a crisp, beautiful scene before seeing the boys’ anger and frustration but as with so many of my pieces there are signs of hope.

Once a liar always a liar right? No.



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