Snowed Under - by Dylan Izaak


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Snowed Under by Dylan Izaak

 Medium Canvas Board -

Edition 195

Size 20 x 26 inches

Supplied Framed

Artist Dylan Izaak allows us to enjoy his wonderfully wonky world Izaak was named one of 12 official Olympic 2012 artists two years ago. The extra publicity meant his work suddenly reached a massive audience.Now we can enjoy Dylans wonky and exuberant colours and his slightly odd take on architecture. Izaak first started earning a crust in the notoriously hard-to-break-into profession in the guise of a street artist, which he practised and perfected over a period of some 9 years.Eventually needing to earn a more secure living and wanting to open his own gallery he bought and exhibited his work on a house boat. After 12 months of hard graft and a lot of floating about (excuse the pun) he started to get noticed by the galleries and best of all large publishers, to which he is now signed and doing very well thank you. Now we can all enjoy Dylans work without getting motion sickness or having to empty the bilge pump. His Limited Editions are fabulous so enjoy! 

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