Hunter by Anup Shah Limited Edition


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Signed Limited Edition of 150

Image Size 28 x 19 inches

Framed Size Approx 39 x 29 inches

Supplied to you framed as shown and delivered to your door on a day that you decide

Ready to hang with the certificate of Authenticity on the back of the picture

FREE UK delivery on this artwork

All framed artwork is delivered with Art Sheild Acrylic which is lighter tougher and unbreakable.

Early morning, Maasai Mara, Kenya. The short dry season had set in, marked by clear blue skies and grass that was fading yellow. It was exhilarating to drive around, which I do by myself in my own 4 x 4 with easy access to my camera equipment. I had been keeping track of a coalition of four male lions, known locally as The Four Musketeers (Hunter, Scarface, Morani, Sikio), for a couple of weeks or so. They held sway over a vast swathe of Mara and I remember their teamwork, their roaring and their marking territory with serious intent. They were familiar with my car to the extent that they sometimes marked it as if to say that it was their territory. This morning, I found the lions quite quickly as they meandered in the tall grass, on a mission to where they only knew. However, sometimes they re-emerged on a track with Hunter in lead. He paused to glance at me, alert and poised. He seemed momentarily puzzled but then visibly relaxed and I caught a glint in his eyes. 

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