Caroline Shotton


Educated at Central Saint Martins, Caroline worked as a freelance artist before starting a family. Whilst pregnant with her first son, she started painting cows - hoping to create something for his nursery walls that would keep him company and make him smile.

Using layers of paint, tissue, and varnish, she creates tactile surfaces for background effects. Other areas are kept smooth for fine detail, especially around the eyes, to capture expressions and moods. Small differences such as eye size or the angle of the bottom lip can alter the cow’s expression dramatically.

Caroline says: “I have been fascinated by cows from an early age. They are playful, mischievous and far more intelligent than we give them credit for. Next time you see cows, watch them for a while - they’ll make you smile.”

What began as an idea for her son’s nursery has transformed into a career path for Caroline. Her humorous bovine creations have tackled everything from the Old Masters to superheroes.