Andrew Stewart

Andrew has enjoyed a splendidly varied career in visual arts, taking in a spell at Disney where he worked as an animation designer, and a period as a commercial graphic designer, creating among other things book cover commissions for the likes of Cambridge University Press, Stephen Hawkins These works draw on all of Andrew's thirty-year experience as an artist and designer, gracefully blending themes taken from traditional portraiture and spinning them out with a range of modern techniques. He typically paints with acrylics and inks but for much of these works Andrew uses a 1970's AB turbo airbrush, a tool originally used for planet mapping by NASA! This unique item of equipment enables Andrew to paint with both near-pointillistic detail, and to also achieve the rich 'burst' effect so prevalent in these works, and which lights up each model with a real sense of luminescence. We're sure you'll agree that they're out of this world!