Mr Kuu


The identity and even whereabouts of Mr Kuu have become an intriguing mystery, adding to the uncertainty which surrounds this fascinating artist. Mr Kuu is a pseudonym.Some have surmised that Kuu is the alter ego of an infamous fashion photographer, while others are sure that he is a well-known portrait painter. Either way, it is clear that Kuu's passion is to capture the minutia of life whilst exploring the great big issues of love and life. Capturing the emotions, challenges and ups and downs of everyday existence are evident in the undeniably beautiful photographs. From money to relationships, Mr Kuu presents the human state as minutia in a wider world.


Mr Kuu is a Fine Art Photographer who uses macro photography, modified miniature figures and his imagination to express himself. All his work is available in various sizes and price points as signed limited edition Fine Art prints.


Mr Kuu has exhibited internationally. His current series ‘Small Things in a Big World’ and ‘Up Close’ are available through Arthouse Gallery