Lee Tyler

Lee Tyler Abstract Art

Lee Tyler Abstract Art

Ok so there is art.... and then there’s art that flies off the wall ....and this art is by Lee Tyler. His range of paintings, so energetic, so vibrant, so immense have been so, so popular. The instant effect his paintings have on people is really interesting to witness. When talking to customers day in day out we often have conversations about them not exactly knowing what they want, but knowing that when they see it, they’ll know. And when people see the Tyler’s and stare at it for a few minutes, then move to the side slightly, then move closer, then further away and stare at it for a few more minutes. I know, that they know.

Measuring at a metre square the Tyler’s seem to have the right mix of contemporary abstract, energy, colour and an enveloping depth that people really dig. If you’ve got the wall space (and you’ve got the bottle) these paintings can bring a room alive.

Born in 1969, Lee grew up in north London, he became interested in art after spending many hours watching his grandmother paint;

His art education began with an Art Foundation Diploma at the Herts college and in 1999 he graduated with a BA (Hons) in Art and Design from Hatfield University.

Lee draws his inspiration from all that is organic, natural and accidental, these fundamentals can be seen in his latest works were to some degree he has no control