Natalie Wood- Christopher Walkens Nightmare -Pure Evil


Natalie Wood- Christopher Walkens Nightmare -Pure Evil

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3 Colour Silkscreen .

Edition of 100 on Fedrigoni Paper

Image Size 70 x85 cms

Price is unframed print only delivered to you tubed and on a day that suits you.

Wood was found drowned near her yacht during a holiday celebration in 1981. While the cause of death was apparent, the circumstances behind her death were not: Why was she out in the middle of the ocean by herself? Was she trying to escape something happening on the boat? Was there foul play involved?

As the details of the weekend surfaced, the questions multiplied. Wood had invited the actor Christopher Walken, then 38, with whom she had been filming a science-fiction thriller called Brainstorm, to be her guest aboard Splendour over the Thanksgiving weekend. The Wagners, accompanied by Walken, had sailed to Catalina Island, 22 miles off the California coast, leaving around noon on Friday, November 27. She never returned.

This is the Splendour, needs help.” With those words, 51-year-old actor Robert Wagner and Dennis Davern, the captain of Splendour, sounded the alarm around 1:30 A.M., on November 29, 1981, that Wagner’s wife, Natalie Wood, had disappeared from the 60-foot yacht the couple owned. Approximately six hours later, Wood’s body, clad in only a flannel nightgown, red down jacket, and blue wool socks, was found floating facedown in the Pacific about a mile away

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