A Place to Dream by John Waterhouse Framed Art Print


A Place to Dream by John Waterhouse Framed Art Print

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Signed Art Print On Board Giclee Edition Of 195

Image size 45x15 inches

Supplied framed as shown 

framed size approx 55x 25 inches

All pieces are signed and numbered by the artist

All come with a certificate of authenticity and are delivered to your door on a day that you decide

All artwork is supplied to you ready to hang on your wall and enjoy immediately

Enquire with us today to discuss the opportunity of acquiring original artwork by this artist.

FREE  UK Mainland delivery Supplied well wrapped and delivered boxed... That's because we are nice people :)

John Waterhouse paints pictures that are so true to life that people actually say... ''Oh this morning the way the mist and the sun hit the trees I thought I was in a John Waterhouse Painting'' And it is so true that you can feel and smell the mist and feel the heat of the sun. His paintings evoke a feeling of early mornings when the rest of the world is asleep and you feel that you are the only person on the planet witnessing this sheer and utter beauty of nature... Well, now you can put this feeling on your wall. We sell each piece Framed in our stunning dark pewter frame or call us for prices unframed so that you can choose your own. We love to give our customers the choice.

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