The Lively Genre Of Melanie Jacobs

The Lively Genre Of Melanie Jacobs

Who is Melanie Jacobs?

Jacobs is an artist that thrives on making, purchasing and selling affordable art to fellow enthusiasts across the globe. Born, raised and now living in London with her beloved family, Melanie’s admiration of art has never ceased to exist thanks to her father Norman Glick – an innovative commercial artists recognised for his work for the Mary Quant ‘flower’ and the Robertson Jams’ ‘Golly’ which only furthered her determination to become an inspiring artist.

After years of working as an interior designer, having the chance to work with Sir Terence Conran in the process, Melanie was given the opportunity to showcase her work at The Cube in 2004 by the director of The Biscuit Factory Gallery in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in 2003. 

Since the succession of the showcase, Melanie has had the opportunity to express her ideas through art of her own for almost three decades and continues to use her passion to also help other original British artists from across the UK as artist-in-residence to the wonderful Arthouse Gallery.

Abstract art at its finest

Melanie’s art truly represents the freedom of expression one can have with its vibrant colours, textures and designs. One of Jacobs’ most iconic specialisms lies within the creation of landscape art prints. Her determination to challenge the viewer allows her to create new pieces of contemporary art that brings something new to the art table every time.

Enquire directly with Arthouse Gallery to discuss making a purchase of one of Melanie’s pieces through our art gallery online today!

You can also visit our gallery for a great cup of coffee and friendly discussion with Melanie herself to discover what is available and more about her life. You can also commission her to create you something just for you if you have a particular piece in mind.