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Naive contemporary is called so after the St Ives School. Very popular with a lot of great artists choosing this genre. Because we use the word NAIVE this does not mean that the artist has not had training in his chosen field. This word Naive used to mean artists that had no formal training in any field of art , but nowadays it does not mean that and in fact to paint in a Naive way is incredibly difficult because as we grow up we all want things to look exactly how we see them but as a child we see things differently and much simpler so these artists are channeling back into their childhood to represent their art in an uncomplicated and simplistic way... and also using less blended colours and being much bolder with their choice also there is less perspective bringing the viewer straight into the pictures with no preamble...

Here at Arthouse Gallery, we have the very best Naive artists that are producing work today.


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New Worm Love ll By Simone Lia



New Catch a Falling Star Sculpture by Doug Hyde-IN STOCK

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New Finding the One by Doug Hyde- Framed Art print

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New The Faces of Love by Doug Hyde-Framed Art Print

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Jennifer Hogwood - Heartfelt



New Make A Wish by Doug Hyde-Sculpture

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1 - 60 of 250 results