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Dance Art Prints And Original Paintings

Full of Vibrancy and excitement The World Of Dance. Beautiful art to hang on your wall. You can feel the music and the heat of the atmosphere. We have some of the best dance artists in the country. Enjoy our collection of Signed Limiteed Edition and Also Original Paintings.

Dance is the art of moving the body to the rythmn of music. How we all react to dance is individul but our normal emotions when watching people dance is one of wonder and happiness at the fluidity of the movement, the agility of the dancer and the way that the dancer and music bond together to almost become one. Our artists have performed the task of putting Dancer and Music together on the canvas to create the same incredible journey.

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Naked Grape White By Andrei Protsouk

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Red Red Wine By Andrei Protsouk

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Stripy Legs art print by Richard Berner


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Elvis art print by Pegasus

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Purple Dancer Original painting by Ben Payne