Zombiedan Street Art

Zombiedan was born in 1990 in Stockwell, south-west London. From a young age, he always showed a keen interest in Art. Zombiedan’s main inspiration was the street artist Banksy as a keen admirer of Banksy and his film "Exit Through The Gift Shop". After watching the film, his deep lust for urban art boiled to the surface and he rapidly became the artist he is now today. He familiarised himself in the technique of creating stencils, starting at a basic level with 1 or 2 layered stencils to create an image, to a far more advanced stencil making processes. A true scholar of the art of creating stencils, Zombiedan has come a long way from that very first cut. Now a revered commissions artist and still very much active on the street scene – Zombiedan’s truest skill comes from his ability to remove the common limits of graffiti artists to create works that aptly unify urban and fine art.

"my biggest obstacle in life was not knowing what I wanted.. then I picked up a spray-can".