Rob Palmer

Rob Palmer Art Prints

“Rob trained in the digital arts, receiving a degree in multimedia design. With traditional artistic routes, a love for illustration and a distinctive character design has allowed him to explore a diverse range of work including his Sheep’s Life collection, and more recently the mischievous 4getmeknots™
Rob starts his work using charcoal or pencil sketches on card, where he always creates a fully imagined original piece before transferring in to a digital format. All of Rob’s work is from the heart. His landscapes, characters and subject matters are purely imaginative, but his early work does stem from his time walking in the fells and adventures in the UK countryside.
His latest collection The 4getmeknots are an enticing set of characters, imagined and brought to life to inject fun and warmth into peoples homes. Forever getting up to mischief, these inquisitive little beasts are always finding themselves entangled with one another or within their surroundings. Each scene is intended to instil curiosity and a playful romanticism.