Keith Proctor

Keith Proctor


My Father told me, never draw a straight line and never draw a whole line, always break them up when you sketch, and change the weight applied to the pencil to make your marks interesting. What great advice this was! I still sketch this way today, as it is very important to be able to sketch with ease.

I paint in oils, in daylight only. I start with a charcoal sketch; concentrating mainly on balance and composition before I begin painting. I always work with a very large mirror behind me and keep on glancing over my shoulder to check things out from a different angle. I work very quickly indeed and rapidly apply the paint. I use a “strictly” limited palette and mix with care before painting. It is bold, fast, confident brush work that makes things work for me, as once I slow down and start picking at the work I know it is finished. Its on these occasions, that I can hear my Father shouting “leave it alone.”

I always listen to music as I paint. I listen to everything from rock music to Rachmaninoff; and go through stages of working to certain music, even individual songs. All of the Jack paintings to date have been painted while listening to Tony Bennett...strange isn’t it!

Additional Information  Born: 1961 Birthplace: Newcastle upon Tyne

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