Courty Neon Art

Courty Neon Art

''Bollocks" - (Hot Pink) - by Courty

Born Robert Keith Court on November 2nd, 1970 in the market town of  Romford, Essex, England to a working-class family. Courty is his childhood nickname adopted for signature reference to his collection of signed neon artworks. Since 1987 Courty has dedicated his life to the study of neon lights and immersed his mind in creating beautiful works of art with the use of vibrant colours, lighting technology, typography and the written word, predominantly with the use of the iconic light form known as 'Neon'. Respected and well known English craftsmen of the 100-year-old art of glass blowing neon tube lights, Courty has reached master neon glass blower level and is forever exploring and pushing the boundaries of handmade neon light use in the world of art & sculpture from his East London based studio. 

A true master of his craft, Courty has lit up London since 1987. Enjoying a nearly unrivalled ability to literally reinvent the neon wheel is something he has done throughout his career and it is no surprise that ‘Courty’ originals find their ways to the walls of world leaders, Presidents, the rich, the famous and the lucky.

This level of work was nationally recognised in November’s ‘GQ’ magazine leading towards exhibiting his work alongside the likes of Guy Dennis, Noel Fielding, Lewis Bannister and Gavin Turk in the same month. January saw the release of Courty’s ‘Love You’ series of smaller, glass originals. All of which sold out within 2 hours. Courty describes his neon artworks as an exploration of light, colour and the written word.

 Brand new exclusive releases by international Neon Artist “Courty”. Having recently completed private commissions for the likes of Brian Ferry and Linda Barker COURTY'S works are very special indeed.