Andy Moss

Andy Moss

Andy Moss was born in Leeds and is a child of the 60's. He graduated from Newcastle Upon Tyne Polytechnic with a BA (Hons) Fine Arts Degree, but finding that his creative well was dry, hung up his beret and smock and became a teacher of Art…

Many years later a chance visit to Paris provided the inspiration to set up a successful business partnership, producing high-quality recreations of Impressionist masterworks. Painting Renoir and Degas’s highly stylised bathers and ballerinas sparked a desire to create his own unique ‘brand’ of idealised feminine beauty. The slumbering muse had been awoken!  Using oils on canvas, Andy now exclusively and obsessively produces the elaborately costumed fantasy females that feature in his self-named ‘Missfit’ series.

‘I think of my ‘Missfits’ as visual prompts to a story narrative. Obviously, based on the composite card game, each image is a montage of 3 individually painted canvases. Every ‘Missfit’ is initially carefully planned so that the juxtaposed elements provoke a particular themed narrative, to which the section letters and titles may provide an important clue. These ideas come from everywhere, but the world of cinema is perhaps the most obvious source of inspiration, the ‘Missfit’ elements becoming perhaps a juxtaposed cast from a proposed film. With this in mind, the individual ‘Missfit’ characters can be seen as players on the stage of the viewer’s imagination; as triggers to launch the mind on unique flights of fantasy… to a world of swashbuckling pirates, heartbroken geishas and melancholic harlequins...’

Andy lives and works in Yorkshire. 

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