Sherree Valentine Daines

Sheree Valentine Daines Figurative Artist


Over the course of her impressive career Sherree has become one of the UK's most collectable contemporary artists; with a discerning international following of art lovers, she enjoys an unrivalled reputation in the international arena. Her impressionistic approach lends a unique charm to each stunning, figurative composition, her subtle hand blending each detail into a creation of captivating elegance.

“As a Modern Impressionist and figurative artist I am fascinated by the effect of colour and light on a subject rather than the subject itself. I also love to explore the ideas of beauty and joie de vivre, so I tend to seek out scenes which guarantee I will find exactly what I'm looking for; days out at Henley, kite flying on Box Hill, trips to the seaside with the children, all these give me the inspiration I need. I find the colours, the movement, the fall of a piece of fabric, the interplay of light and shadow all cry out to be captured on canvas.My art is based on observation, interpretation, beauty, form and compositional balance, and I use oils on canvas which I believe to be the purest medium available. But while I adhere to these traditional artistic values I still operate strictly within the parameters of modern life, painting decisive moments from rugby matches or producing portraits of TV presenters in front of cameras, in a way that I trust communicates with a contemporary audience.”

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