Edward Waite

Edward Waite

Edward was born in 1989 and grew up in a seaside town on the east coast of Lincolnshire.Says, Edward, ‘I work with urban scenes rather than rural landscapes as I see the countryside as a picture already created, however within an urban environment it is often necessary to create a picture of beauty using the architecture and cities in which we live and visit…Painters Kiefer, Pollock and Kline were influences as he studied for my Fine Art Degree. Pollock’s process capturing physicality, Keifer’s surfaces marks and layering provoking mood and Kline’s gestural composition are all referred to as he paints.

I am a contemporary painter,and a recent graduate from The University Of Lincoln. My aim is to experience the world and pursue my career to be an established artist. I paint and draw the urban landscape on my daily travels around the city.


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New Southbank Stroll Original by Ed Waite

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New The Bus To Westminster Original Art by Ed Waite

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Dusk over St pauls by Ed Waite

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Summer rain London by Ed Waite